Cedar Hills Condominiums


Cedar Hills Condominium design is a result of five years of defining the Platteville home market. The area was the homestead of Dr. & Mrs. Gibb Waite, a Dentist in Platteville, who planning and developed most of the surrounding homes sites and apartments.

The City of Platteville and the University desperately wanted housing that would attract the Universities young family staffers and also providing a local solution for the large number of retirees who leave the area in the winter in search of warmer weather. Cedar Hill Partners, LLC purchased Dr. & Mrs. Waite’s 7 acre parcel and split its area into three different uses; Three (3) single family homes on Perry Drive, a 48 Unit apartment complex with underground parking, and finally Cedar Hills Condominium community.

Cedar Hills Condos have 16 single family lots ready to build custom homes on with the convenience of exterior maintenance year round.

There are several lots opening this 2013 fall, so come drive though and pick out your favorite!